“Three strikes” laws for Germany? Not with the current administration

5 02 2009

Brigitte ZypriesEven though conservative members of the German grand coalition government have been asserting that they would support pro-copyright legislation that would help strengthening the position of rights owners it increasingly looks like the current administration will not be shaken by the entertainment industry’s push for a “three strikes” rule. Germany’s federal minister of justice (U.S. = attorney general), Brigitte Zypries, a member of the more liberal leaning Social Democrats, recently made it clear she does not want to persue that route. 

Zypries had called for a meeting with the six largest internet service providers in the country to discuss how a graduated response model like the one discussed in France could be implemented in Germany. Disconnecting filesharers from the internet seems to be a hot issue in law-making circles. However, Zypries does not see this happening anytime soon. According to her position, the three strikes concept is incompatible with German privacy and telecommunications laws. 

“I don’t think that is a fitting model for Germany or even Europe”, Zypries has been quoted. Labels shouldn’t delude themselves. The German government’s opinion sounds determined: “Preventing someone from accessing the Internet seems like a completely unreasonable punishment to me. It would be highly problematic due to both constitutional and political aspects. I’m sure that once the first disconnects are going to happen in France, we will be hearing the outcry all the way to Berlin.”

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12 03 2009

With the other countries of the EU slowly making grounds towards a “graduated response” system to remove filesharers from Internet access, I would suspect that Germany will adopt something similar scheme before too long that would not impede too greatly against their current laws. Still, with so many other countries taking the road the corporations want instead of the populace, it’s nice to see Germany being logical.

28 03 2009
Germans Get Reprieve From Internet Cutoffs

[...] has backed down from its stance that, if you are caught three times on copyright infringement, you lose your Internet access.  German lawmakers had sat down with ISPs to discuss [...]

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